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Dadcopy [10-09-04]

Fixed few bugs in ini files

Perfectio [04-08-2004]

It's a similar project witch I wrote in VB. This time this is not screen saver but counting program. Program search for DOSKONALE number and when it find it save number to file.

Cp2Iso [19-07-2004]

I added converting to UTF-8 and more possible ending line charts.

Cp2Iso [20-06-2004]

This tool converts charset from CP1250 (standard in Windows) to ISO 8859-2 (East Europe) and back. In addition this program can change end line chart(s) from char 10 (Lf - using in e.g. Linux)  to 10 + 13 (CrLf - using in e.g. Windows). This program maybe useful for web masters who write in different operating systems.

Timer - Clock [20-06-2004]

System timer but it shows numbers in binary(2) and triple(3)? system. It's for those who likes watch sth. witch always change :).

Black Jake 21 [20-06-2004]

Simple card game, if you are bored playing Solitare - I recommend it. In 4 columns you collect cards if you have 21 points in column program adds some points to your score. If cards will end you go to the next level.